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Published: 27th May 2010
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With the continuous improvement of living standards, washing machines well into the millions of households, what caused this washing machine has never stopped a good argument. Especially

Washing Machine


Washing Machine

Debate, since 2004 the industry had to say coming era drum. But now, Ovid Consulting (AVC) 2009 monitoring data, as of September this year, semi-automatic pulsator was 17.97% market share, fully automatic pulsator was 58.42% market share, wave wheel washing machine market The total share of 76%, still well received by consumers. So Ovid Advisory (AVC), in the next 10 years or 20 years, both of which anyone who can not be replaced, but the drum still room for development. And the future of washing machines to wash way is not to argue who is stronger who is weak, but in accordance with the design, eco-design will be a key measure of the value of washing machines.

Easy to take the high growth rate

drum line of large capacity

Has been whether the drum washing machine pulsator good or good, manufacturers and consumers are uncompromising, not much that you die I die momentum. In fact, the long term no one could replace the two who, in Japan, more developed countries such electrical appliances, drum and market share in the pulsator is currently evenly divided.

Consultation, according to Ovid (AVC) monitoring data show that ended in September this year, China's market roller


Models 138 models, semi-automatic pulsator model sold a total of 246 sections, automatic pulsator model sold a total of 370 models. Sales from the model view, there is greater room for drum. And Ovid Consulting (AVC) of the latest monitoring data show that: 1 September 2009 drum washing machine market share is 23.61 percent, 40.13 percent year on year growth rate; and 1 September 2009, the market share of semi-automatic pulsator rate is 17.97%, down 9.09 percent; automatic pulsator was 58.42% market share year on year growth rate of 17.77%. So Ovid Consulting (AVC) forecast, according to current growth rates, future drum washing machine market, there is a large development space.

Also Ovid Consulting (AVC) analysis, the drum washing machine must have big development, but also select from a large-capacity section of the start, play to their advantage. This analysis is based on two reasons:

First overall washing machine industry is gradually moving to the large capacity. Ovid Advisory (AVC) 2009 monitoring data from January to September, 6 kg and over-capacity washing machine sales accounted for in paragraph 51.38%, compared with 2008 increased by almost 7 percentage points. Sales in 2008 has the highest capacity of 5.0-5.4 kg section began to decline from 29.12% in 2008 down to the current 25.14 percent, and in this capacity segment, sales of automatic pulsator and drum also tended to decrease, roller from 9.99% in 2008 to the current 9.47%; automatic from 18.87% in 2008 to the current 15.53%. Can be said that paragraph 6 kg capacity fully automatic and semi-automatic pulsator pulsator position of absolute dominance, the drum section to exceed pulsator in this capacity is difficult.

Second roller generally referred to think of large capacity, the fastest growth rate in sales over the proportion of 6 percentage points of 6.0-6.4 kg section, the drum is also the fastest growing sales, the segment of its 2008 market share of only 2.76%, however, by 2009, up to now has grown to 5.16% accounting; it is worth noting that the fully automatic Washing Machine in this capacity is also a great development effort, in 2008 the proportion was 13.8%, to 2009 far accounted grew to 18.65%, can be said that both rollers are optimistic about the capacity or the pulsator paragraph, both very competitive. Volume growth was also faster in paragraph 7.5-7.9 and 7.0-7.4 kg kg and 8.0 kg or more paragraphs paragraph. In three paragraphs, drum and automatic pulsator were tested increased, but the momentum of growth significantly higher than cylinder automatic pulsator. Drum washing machine, therefore need more advantages in its own large-capacity efforts.

Washing machine will be based on eco-design were gradually

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